Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Almost halfway through this run of RTK, but I'm not just doing that. This time I am getting extremely high retention rates, it simply shows how WELL the system works. Even after all this time I can easily fly through 100 new kanji in a day no problem. I am going to pick the pace up a bit ( I was doing the smaller lessons in a day, but recently had the 130 and 96 kanji monsters recently ) and decided I'd love to be done with the book by new years clearing myself up to just do reviews.

I have "Mastered" Japanese Core 2000 steps 1 and 2 on smart.fm. This apparently covers all of their beginner level material. I started step 3 and BOY is it a huge leap, no wonder they call it intermediate. I've seen comments that step 4 is easier, perhaps I will do that one alongside it. Now I can enter this all into anki and slowly work through the newer, harder stuff.

Anki, I've obtained the core2000 deck with audio and pictures. It tests both production and dictation. This is good because I get to try reading the sentences, if correct, pass. For dictation, I can visualize what the kanji should look like, and usually write them out unless it seems pretty easy. Of course I need to understand the sentence in both cases as well. On all the tougher cards and ALL fails, the full sentence gets written out.

It will take me a while to get all the core2000 sentences I've completed into anki, but I'm learning more as I go. Core2k concentrated on one word, where I test myself on the entire sentence.

I am already seeing improvements in my reading, and once I have completed RTK I can concentrate more on sentences and JFE. I am currently on lesson 8 in JFE, and have gotten back there quickly. I've slowed down now to clear out all this other material I am working through. When I run out, there's always KO2001 :D

Til next time......


  1. I might be getting Heisig's RTK for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be another step closer to being able to somewhat replicate your method. :)

    Now that you're right on my heels in JFE and blowing past me in everything else. ;)

  2. Would be great if you did, I've found it indispensible!

    I'll try to cram as much as I can while I'm at home here with a gimpy leg ^_^